Turnout: Not A Bad End To This Month!

Well ... hello there, everybody!!

My, has today turned out to be better than what I'd expected. It really was! I mean, there ended up being a couple to a few bumps in the road, but I've finally reached my mind to its prettier, optimistic side!

So, what's made my day today?

Well, I've finally gotten my head worked around Friday's event. I've finally convinced myself that I likely did hear her incorrectly ... which as mentioned in yesterday's blog ... it's been bothering me a lot for these past two days—a lot of confusion and feeling very disappointed with myself. The details, if you need, are in my blog from this previous Friday. But, in regards to tomorrow's Semi-Formal dance, I really do have my hopes up that tomorrow night will be the first one I did not regret one bit! To my luck, I did not succeed in sort-of asking out the girl to tomorrow night's gig, however, apparently, she's still going to be there ... and if I will have the guts to maybe ask her to a dance ... the night will be just as rich!

My missing words being ... yes, I did finally buy my ticket today ... and I hope to God it was worth it—in a good way!

My other recent predicament is deciding which program at Fanshawe it is that I really want to get into, thus accept one of my offers. What I've found my choices here amount down to are:

  • With TV Broadcasting:
    • Learn alongside my friend and former co-co-op student from our placements at TVCogeco;
    • Learn more behind-the-camera work;
    • Video-editing;
    • Do individual shoots ... or something like that;
    • Social networking and YouTube-related stuff I believe is also a part of it;
    • Have my work broadcast on Fanshawe's TV channel, whether edited or recorded live (I forget if we would actually get to do livestreams)!
  • Seemingly cons of it being:
    • Probably no in-front-of-the-camera work ... likely only behind-the-scenes work;
    • Probably mostly to only sports-related events to shoot ... of course, I sort of do that anyway with TVC.
  • With Radio Broadcasting:
    • Most of the people I know, such as my own mother, probably my dad too, one of the guidance counsellors at my school (yes, I did go there after school today, and it so worth it—I even got to see two of my very good friends from my grad class), some of my friends, and even some of my teachers all seem to think likewise on that I'd be best in this program;
    • I've had plenty experience behind the microphone and controls, thanks to my own podcasts, my co-op placement at UCB Canada, and then ... okay, I'll tell ... Radio CK, which is a new local online radio station (of which way, I won't be on TalenTeen tomorrow night, unless that's cancelled—I'm a co-host);
    • Apparently, if you stick around in the program past the first or second year, students do get to do a video radio show ... I think;
    • Along with my experience behind the mic, I just really enjoy blabbing ... and I'm sure those who know me well ... can tell!;
    • The couple of guys that were running its information session at Fanshawe's open house in March already seem to be fond of me!
  • Seemingly cons of this being:
    • I don't get to learn more about the TV/video stuff;
    • I won't get to learn alongside my friend;
    • Yeah, that seems to be about it.
Looking more into this today, however, I did find this information in regards to Program Transfers, except apparently, if I wanted to switch from TV to Radio (I'd likely take TV then switch to radio, if I did something like that), I'd have to go back through the OntarioColleges.ca website, and I'm not sure how much of a pain in the butt that'd come to be. Anyway, I'll tweet out which one I finally choose, I guess.

The last thing I'd like to get into is one of the other bumps in today's road:

Today, in my Tech Design class, my Communications Tech teacher from my last period class came in to help my Tech Design teacher with getting a computer to work with the vinyl cutter (for making stickers). I believe it was after he'd finally completed that task that he'd found out from a student in his current period's Grade 11 class that an SD card was missing, which contained footage that the student needed for their project. My Comm Tech teacher asked one of my friends in the class—he's one of the top students, if the top student—if he might've known anything about it, and I gave my two cents ... From the sounds of it, either a student, whom apparently would have been from our class, had either accidentally misplaced the card or just has it still on them, and might want to return it ASAP, OR worse, the student is a total jerk or jackape and stole it. Either way, I'm a little bit nervous about tomorrow's class, where I expect it'll be determined whether or not we'll lose our privileges to use the teacher's own equipment for our projects ... all thanks to either a rather forgetful person, who must be worse than I am for memory sake, or ... erm ... a selfish and self-entitled jackape. Honestly, I don't blame my teacher for his annoyance or disappointment, and just to make a point for it: I think anybody's crazy not to agree. You trust students ... they get to have a kind privilege to use somebody else's equipment for their work, but possibly some jerk decided to take it for granted and outright betray that trust? I'd be quite pizzed off too. (Yes, I did just use that term. Welcome to my new euphemism for 'p----d'!) I think I might have been before, even.

In any case, while today was itself a pretty darn good day, I truly hope and bet tomorrow will be even better! ... Hopefully including my Communications Tech class. Then again, tomorrow it's my last period, so that might change something.

Before I do exit this, I would like to mention that I will be off from 7 to 10 PM EST tomorrow, hopefully having an amazing time at my school's Semi-Formal dance, which I've never had before ... and then on Saturday, I'm hoping to convince my parents to let me to go to Toronto for YouTube's FanFest (IT'S FREE!!!) and I also plan on editing and releasing BLAZONNATION #20 that day as well—Saturdays just tend to work best for me to edit my podcast(s)!

Without further ado ...

I thank you all so much, once again, for reading me out!
~ JBJblaze
P.S. Apparently I can change my decision within a couple or so days ... but for now, I've accepted myself into Radio! I just feel for my passion a little greater there!


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