Sorry, But I Am Going Awaaay ... And My Hiatuses

Well ... hello there everybody!

First off, I do apologize for my many hiatuses, as the title does suggest.

My obvious one tonight being the off-on hiatus of my BlazieLog series.

  • As I'd mentioned in #51, I feel like I have to give more effort somehow to be myself ... and it's a weird feeling. Also there's saying the things I want to say, and in the right way ... This, on top of editing, and then finally exporting ... takes ONE BlazieLog at least one hour to complete these days, and in personal honesty, or whatever, it kind of drives me nuts and drives me away from having the desire to do produce another 'Log.
Then there's my other gaming series which require more editing ... BlazeKcorps: Where To Turn?, Osmium Craft, even my ever-so-outdated Exploring BlockNews (back in the day when they interviewed Spumwack). Just a lack of motivation to take the time and enough time to edit them to the point where I am content with the episodes.

Farther down the lane are my podcasts. Grant you, The Cookie Conundrum #8 was recorded back in February (with the awesome hojjoshMC!), but of course, now, that's over a month away, so I question whether that's too far along and whether it's even worth releasing ... after all, my podcasts really don't have much of an audience (seemingly, our listener submissions may defy that logic, at least with BLAZONNATION). The issue with TCC #8 is that the video's audio cuts off after 7 or so minutes (interestingly as soon as I'd mentioned the Valentine's Day theme in Cookie Clicker), that is, when I'd convert the video to audio or even import it into Premiere Pro. I've questioned just uploading the raw video to YouTube and then using a YouTube-to-MP3 converter ... but I'm not sure if that'd do it the justice it needs. After all, the video itself is only about up to a couple frames per minute or something horribly crappy like that. Now, the issue with BLAZONNATION is not only finding a good time to record, and in the case of #20, a good time for The_Thang, Cheddarface and I; but also finding and developing opinions on some relevant topics ... In the very end, my hugest push-away from podcasting is having to edit the podcasts after. I've taken on the habit of listening through a whole episode and determining what needs edited and what sounds good or fine the way it is. That habit is bloody time-consuming, and considering the audience that comes afterwards ... is it really worth it? I hate to sound like I care less about the listeners that we do have than something else, but I do often feel a grand lack of motivation and care to give time towards planning the next episode.

The rest this really all boils down to ... is I need some things lately: I need higher grades, I need money, and I need time and sanity.
I have been figuring out a decision as to put much of my work on the back-burner so that I can allot far more time to my homework from high school, and bring my grades back up to where they should belong, find a part-time job somewhere that pays me a fair wage (i.e. our local Tim Hortons or even Best Buy, now that the one in our city finally has replaced now-defunct Future Shop with it), and I simply need more time for other things and remaining sane and avoiding procrastination at all costs. Even as I wrote this very blog, I feel like I'm still procrastinating because I'm trying to decide whether or not to renew my Audible membership or not ... Now that I think of it though, I think I will just do just that ... (Nevermind, apparently I can now get a free trial on my pre-existing account ... cool!) And again, I need money. I'm going to Fanshawe College this fall, which means I gotta buy some things for living and for school costs. I'll also need upgrades for my computer. I'm hoping to be able to put some money towards possibly spending quality out with a certain person whom I've mentioned in previous blogs.

What this all amounts down to ... I wish I didn't have to say this, but ... I'm officially giving my everlasting farewell to the internet. I truly and honestly enjoyed the opportunity to create digital content for you and be a member of your community. Unfortunately, I must take the step in my life which will provide me with what I need currently, and worrying about my time on the internet just isn't working well for me. I thank each and everyone of you whom has supported me and/or befriended me ... I love you all.

From this point forward ...

These shall be the last words to ever hit my blog tonight:

God bless you all, and I love you all.

Thanks so much for reading me out and goodbye!
~ JBJblaze


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