A New Life Experience

Greetings to those whom dare to read this...

After it finally happened this morning, I was preparing this fine tweet for my Twitter feed. Then, I realized what a great coming-back blog this would make for here... at my newly re-designed World Of JBJblaze, with The on top! So, with that written, I shall proceed to describe my experience:

At my age, people like to try new things; crazy crap that might hurt. What I tried today, or for lack of actually trying, was something that I'm glad I didn't wait till much older to do. I mean, I still would have preferred not to do it, but I did do it, the least I could do was not wait till I'm of the age when such a thing would hurt a crap ton more. Plus, it was enough that my heart was racing already because...

The water. The narrow streams that poked my hands. The heat plus the abruptness of the turn-on. Yikes!

I accidentally tried slipping in the shower today without even actually trying. It was kind of fun, but also painful... and awkward as I'm sure that thump was audible. I totally would not recommend this, even at my age!

Oh yeah, so that's basically the whole story there. Shower thoughts, much?

Anyway, I'm going back to watching fun shtuff—just caught Power of the Coffee, an M-rated morning show with CrankyCanuck, studying strange code, and eventually probably going to my college's screening of The Last Jedi with free pizza and playing super fun games afterwards... Unfortunately, I cannot livestream the last one due to apt WiFi.

Thank you for reading me out for the first time in nearly 3 years and for maybe waiting so long past all my Twitter ramblings!
~ JBJblaze
P.S. My YouTube channel and Patreon resume this Friday, 4.20! I do still have, however, my GameWisp which will be for my Mixer (formerly known as Beam) channel.


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