Riddle Me THIS! How Is Today The 13th Again?

Well, hello there, everybody!

First of all, please allow me to just add the content of these previous blogs I've written so that you can at least be filled a little on what's been going on with me and maybe have some background on this one!

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Happiness & Disappointment + BlazieLog #51

Well, hello there everybody!

Now, how do I start this off? Actually, I go by my title!

So, first off, let's talk happiness, or in other words, stuff in the past few or couple or so days that have made me happy! This whole week I've been thinking about at least one big thing I've been planning on, and that is my fifty-first BlazieLog, which, after numerous attempts (either not saying the word I'd meant to say or dying in lava), I finally was able to make a successful recording of and published it! As I've described a bit recently, this, to me at least, is one of the biggest, most amazing, or coolest BlazieLogs I've recorded ... as yesterday was the first anniversary of the series because last year, on March the 11th, 2014, I'd recorded the very first BlazieLog, #1! Other pieces of good news include ... hmm ... despite my lack of understanding of certain topics in my Calculus class, I'm passing, but plan to improve? I got applied at Tims and await response? I was contacted my Skunk Radio Live Networks for submitting my music to their online radio? Getting to see my friend's documentary called Caroline: Trees, People, Politics? Yeah, I guess that news is pretty neat! Maybe I'll have more time for other stuff other than school thanks to the March Break?? This is interestingly difficult ... thinking of really good news from this week, or at least really cool stuff that's happened ... Of course, other than BlazieLog #51 coming to light!

Okay, well, I think I've burnt myself out of the positivity, so, as the title suggests, there's also been some disappointment for me this week ... There's been the tragic crap going on in the US that was announced today, where two police officers were killed, and heaven knows why ... Sean Penn controversy continues over his comment which makes no reference towards anything that should be considered racist ... Lastly, Jeremy Clarkson, the possibly-bigger-than-the-rest co-host from TopGear was suspended over allegations that he'd hit the producer of the show, and heaven knows if that's true, or another 'heaven knows why'. Then, today, my pessimistic side's been bugging about how I should have done BlazieLog #51 earlier than at least 5 PM, as the first was published by 3-something PM ... mostly because of the time zones and how other countries are already in a new day. Some days, I really do not like my pessimistic side ... actually, I often wish I'd ignore the heck out of it. Finally—and this one gets more personal, or private, one of those—crap, yet another topic that's hard to start ... but today I'd planned again ... and now that I think of it, I think I've explained it more in a previous but unpublished blog.

... Anyway, I've been trying to find the right day to ask out the girl whom I've come to have feelings for ... the girl I'd mentioned in my Valentine's Day blog. After quite a bit of thought, I expected today would work. During the period during which we're in the same class, not only was my school having an assembly from the school's Me To We Club, but I was busy over at our local orthodontist office, getting a replacement bottom retainer. Fortunately, I was in time enough to return to school, for lunch, from the office, which was about a 15-20 minute walk. Usually, I'd be hoping to catch up with her on the class's way out of the classroom at the ring of the lunch bell, but this wasn't possible today. I got headed to the school's cafe to buy my lunch and I saw her, with her friends, at their usual table ... BLAH, BLAH, BLAH ...


Surprises Before The Week Ends ...

Hello there again, everybody ... and somehow in this kind of a blog, addressing the audience just seems suddenly awkward ... but only in the case of this sort of subject ... anyway ... hi!

In light of the eventual length of this blog, for today's event, go to this link right here!

So, today and yesterday have been quite surprising. Yesterday a bit more negatively than today. Yesterday, the world got to find out a secret about one of many Minecraft YouTubers ... then today, something else happened which is another story.

Throughout yesterday, on Twitter, there had been all this commotion in regards to something Bashur(verse) had done just a bit over a decade ago. 
The long confession short: Bashur had made, from the sounds of it, the most consequential mistake in his life. He'd had a romantic relationship with the younger sister of his best friend, whom at the time was 14 or something around that and he was 17. Where the trouble had finally come into the equation was when the girl turned 15 and he turned 18 ... and so the typical situation ensues. When the parents of a daughter disapprove of their daughter's romantic relationship with another guy, for whatever reason, they tend to like to press charges or some crap like that as soon as the boyfriend turns 18, because of that whole thing with 18-year-olds dating anybody who's under their age, even if by only 3 years.

I watched the first 12 minutes of the video yesterday, then proceeded to do my nightly chore of washing dishes, and listened to the rest of the video. Listening to Bashur's experience with this, it reminded me of my own situation ... which like Mr Chuck McGill, brother of Mr James McGill from Better Call Saul, is all probably (well, certainly in Chuck's case) just in my head. Referring a little bit back to my previous blog about my latest experience with Valentine's Day, the very girl I have feelings for also happens to be younger than myself, by about a year or so (I don't know her actual birthday, but she's a grade younger than I am). To make that a little shorter, she's still 17, but I'm 18.

I maintain in my mind that, if miraculously, I might start a relationship with her, that there is nothing illegal about. The age difference limit is fine ... and yeah. This is where I believe it's all just in my head though: I'm 18 ... and have romantic feelings towards somebody who is younger than 18. Then after Bashur's video, I myself felt a bit more uneasy about my own situation ... although, of course, they're in Washington of America, and we're in Ontario, Canada, so the laws, I'd expect would be different ... other than that in Bashur's case, the judgment, obviously, was ignorant in regards to the evidence.

Honestly though, I feel much better about my situation since, as I feel things will no-doubt improve for our friend Bashur!

Now, considering this blog is already so long, I gotta question whether I should do up a separate one for today's interesting event ... and yes, 'interesting' may just as well be saying the least.

Actually, nevermind that last bit!

So, today, I'd planned on either asking the girl (whom I'd mentioned in the previous post) if she'd mind if I joined her and her friends for lunch today. Thank God for what happened last week, when I'd done similar, but asked her if she'd like to join me at this pizza & movie night for TVCogeco volunteers on the next day (we could bring a friend), and after along the lines of she wasn't available for it, asked her to lunch for on that same day, and ended up asking her if she'd mind me joining her and her friends for lunch instead ... only for my nervous, cowardly idiocy to kick in on my way through the school's cafe and skip their table for the next row which was where my friends were, whom I'd usually sit with. Anyway, this 'interesting' thing that happened was I did finally join her and her friends for lunch, although, a couple male friends were at the same table too, so it seemed less likely my friends would react ... although one friend was at the usual table, but-um ... yeah, that kind of stumps me ... and I feel a little guilty for not joining him ... more BLAH, BLAH, BLAH-CK SHEEP, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!

My Latest Mistakes ...

Hello everybody, once again,

Today felt like a very good day, to start. This actually began yesterday when I'd finally succeeded at something really big to me: I finally sort of asked out that girl I had mentioned in my previous post.

Before I continue on with this story, I will mention the reason as to why I pluralized my title: my lack of content towards my internet-based projects. Mostly, my problem began with not being able to do some of my podcasts (I still have to edit The Cookie Conundrum! ... the first time now that I've actually italicized its title!) including the BLAZONNATION Podcast (first time for that one too), as well as starting my Dead Frontier series (if I am in the right mood, #1 should come tomorrow sometime), and of course, my beloved BlazieLogs. I am very sorry for my lack of new content on really all of my projects lately, however, I will just leave it to that this is February: the month of which my second semester commenced and brought in my university-level courses. I still wish I could continue to bring more content, but to do that as much as some YouTubers my age and keep up with homework and life at the same time, and especially considering I only get paid nil to less than 20 cents for what I do ... I'm wanting and having to put my projects on the sideburner till I am more ready to take them on.

Now ... how do I start? Maybe I'll reference back to my previous blog, which was in regards to my trouble involving Valentine's Day. That girl I'd mentioned ... well, I am proud to say, and thanks to my guts and God for that I had the guts to finally do it ... but I finally sort of asked her out yesterday ... And by 'sort of', I mean I mentioned this one thing going that where I did my co-op at said we could bring 'friends' ... Anyway, it was sort of successful ... when I asked about joining her and her friends for lunch for today ... well, it was along the line of 'yes'. Since then until the lunch break, I'd been very excited for this to happen.

Then came that very lunch break.

The whole time I knew I was going to keep to my word and join them and have a good time. Then came the nervousness. Instead of going with what I'd wanted and planned to do, I walked past their row of tables—where the girl and her friends were seated—and I continued to sitting at one of the spots by the row of tables where my friends were seated.

As what usually happens when it comes to asking a girl out in the hallway or such like that, there's that wonder of how my friends would react. It's weird though. I now have realized they'd only be poking a little fun at most, nothing I should be offended by and nothing they'd mean offence by, but yet, today, I still felt the nervousness that they might just poke fun or some stupid crap like that. 

Like I'd mentioned on Twitter, my friends from TVCogeco—my now-former co-op placement—and I got to go to Boston Pizza, followed by a movie at the Galaxy Theatre which is only about three minutes or so away; pizza and soft drinks—although some of the others had beer—at BP, then most when home, and just one of my fellow volunteers (usually got to see him at hockey shoots) and the manager went to see not-Fifty-Shades-of-Grey ... Jupiter Ascending, actually ... It turned out to be very exciting movie too, and of course the first RealD 3D movie I've ever seen, which was even more cool!

The reason why I continue this blog even after yesterday's events is because last night and some of today had gotten me into a better mood. Of course, minus the annoying 'The Dress' trends today. On the sort of flip side of things: I offer my condolences to the families and friends of Mr Leonard Nimoy, who had just passed away today; and I am just getting over hearing Gilbert Gottfried's impression of Fifty Shades of Grey, because, holy crap, he sounds wacky, and worse, EL James is ... erm ... very deep with her writing ... and that's 'deep' as a euphemism.


Alright! Are you finally ready for me to prove this whole Friday the 13th crap WRONG? Well, here we go:

  • I asked my chemistry teacher if I may do my molecule 3D model project on methamphetamine ... he said yes!
  • Got some fine help in Calculus today!
  • Not really much during lunch, so I'll exclude this little bit here ...
  • Finally got my latest assignment completed in my Technological Design class, and overall, it was a fine period!
  • Got maybe a little bit done in Communications Tech? ... Well, not much. Just had a bit of fun and shtuff, and then lift to attend the school's buyout event which was a miscellaneous volleyball game, which was truly amusing.
  • Today, after school, I got on a match of Smite after finally unlocking Mr Anhur, and we WON! Even despite me having to force stop Smite because I'd tabbed out when I shouldn't have ... I literally got lucky!
  • Then, well, other than this one story ... I think that's about it for now!
Now, here's the big one: I ... finally ... well ... sort of ... asked ... out ... the ... girl ... I'd mentioned ... in those ... previous blogs ... that are embedded ... into this one ... as well as ... my blog from ... exactly ... a month ago ... and I ... still ... don't really get ... why I ... keep just saying .... 'sort of' ... Hmm ...

Anyway, with God helping my conscience ... dang it, I nearly forgot how to spell that word ... and my own personal motivation, etc., I finally did what I'd planned on and had promised myself I would do it today ... Now, all the gory details, I will just leave out ... I mean, it was a personal conversation, thank you very much. Erm ... have I gone too far?

Anyhow, or whatever is a better transition term ... I feel like this is the most I can get out for now, until maybe something really really interesting occurs over the March Break—would be cool if something did though!

To conclude—my! What a transition!—thank you so very much for reading me out again and for any kindness you've given me, and to SRL Networks for contacting me about my music, and Mr Brent and Maz from The Shaft Podcast for a hilarious show last night, and EPN for a fine Vic's Basement tonight, and my Communications Technology teacher for my 93.3% in his class (I think I might just release that Breaking Bad trailer I made up, now!), and ... erm ... how do I say this ... the girl for ... considering ... well ... erm ... what I'd asked her about ... yeah ...

Hope you all have a fine and wonderful weekend and March Break and hopefully shall see you all SOON!

Thanks again for reading me out!
~ JBJblaze


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