Well ... I've Been Slacking Again ...

... Hello there again everybody!

Before I begin with the continuation of my storyline from my previous two blogs, please allow me to first of all apologize for that I may not, contrary to my consistent tweets, be able to release all of the videos I've been meaning to do today: Blazin' Indies: Sub Rosa (Alpha) w/ dcVSgaming, something fancier than Kickback #1, and The Cookie Conundrum #8: hojjoshMC. Despite this, I will do my best to at least release the podcast episode since it's waited the longest. Actually, due to Premiere Pro having some malfunctionality all over today ... all these videos get to blast their ways into tomorrow ... of course, there's also what I describe below.

Anyway, may I just say ... I've learned an interesting lesson over these past few days... and it's to do with an amazing event from Friday! You know how when wanting to get a date with somebody, you'd usually ask them for their number? Well, here's a question: is it logical for my generation to shift towards 'maybe message [each other?] on Facebook', and away from 'what's your number'? Yesterday, I made that mistake.

... And by now, I'm incredibly confused. On Friday, I was incredibly happy to have sort of succeeded in my asking the girl of ... well ... you know ... please refer to Friday's blog. (Thank you.) Then, since then, I've felt weird about it ...

The moment I'd asked her, and finally brought up the idea of messaging each other on Facebook, I felt like I was trying to convince her ... that is, to come back to Facebook. As evident as her lacking use of Facebook is or seems to be, it's also quite evident to me now that 'trying to convince her to come back to Facebook' was a dumb idea.

When it comes to this, I've also come to learn why just asking for a person's number may work out better than some social network they have an account on ... some people just don't have time or care for social networking and maintaining an account for such, but instead just resort to using a phone number.

I suppose the best summary of this whole crapskie is ...

I'm rather annoyed with myself that I suggested using a service that I really already knew she probably hardly uses and when I've been really, really hoping this week to get to spend some time with her ... it freaking boggles my mind ... very shortsighted or thought-out of me that was ... and considering she likely still goes to work despite it being March Break this week ...

In all honesty ... why I mentioned my slacking on videos today in this very blog as this other topic ... is because this other topic is part of what's been bugging me both today and yesterday, and so I've been hanging my mind up on other things. Of course, yesterday, I had the deliveries to do again, and I'd slept in till about 11 AM (my mom woke me at 7 or so thinking it was a school day: 'You know it's a March Break, right?' ... I forget if this was exactly how I'd worded it) ... and then this morning I washed dishes till about 11:30, 12:30, or something ... Another of-course, I could still have found some time to work on these videos, but, again, I've just felt royally bugged by this matter. No fault of anyone's, but mine, I assure you.

In the meantime, I apologize again for not having kept up with my creative contents, but hopefully now, you might understand what's being going in myself and my mind that's been causing part of the delay.

Thanks you so much for taking the time to read me out, and again, thanks for 50 times of such on my last blog! Have a fine March Break (even if your occupation has no room for such thing), unless I come up with another reason to write up a another blog!
~ JBJblaze


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