I know this isn't much of a post but ...

Hello everybody!

So, I'm really only making this blog post you're reading right now as to provide another web space for the Internet Slowdown widget which will appear somewhere on this blog on September 10th (8 days before I turn 18!).

What is the Internet Slowdown? It is a wide campaign to provide awareness as to why we all need (not just Americans) net neutrality—something US cable companies (maybe even Canadians ones) wanna take away.

What the heck is net neutrality though? It's like equality to no end for the whole human race—other than it's far more possible ... except for in the case of all websites you find on the internet. The opposite of net neutrality means the internet could work like cable television: you have to pay more for faster internet speed for accessing certain websites that will have to pay into the fast lanes themselves. Those fast lanes being for the sites, again, that pay into getting faster internet speeds.

Or, as one could say, it's communism-slash-capitalism over the internet, the opposite of net neutrality.

Even depending on the company, they could slow down your access to a site just because of some unfair political view.

Yeah, it'd really suck.

Anyway, I made this post longer than I ever though I would, but I really hope you enjoyed reading my explanation, but recommend you look into others ... including The Internet Must Go, which is an excellent mockumentary about this matter!

Thanks for reading and I hope to get out my 34th BlazieLog out this afternoon or so!
~ JBJblaze


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