BlazieLog #31

Hello everybody!

Sorry this one took so freaking long! First Premiere Pro won't start ... Oh yeah! That update for my graphics card! So then I use Windows Update for it: big mistake. Alright, Steam thinks it's up-to-date, and so does Driver Booster!
After a few attempts with reinstalling and uninstalling, I finally got it to work! (THANK YOU GOD!)

Now, those scores ... it's 0 if you hit nothing, or if you do, the tomahawk bounced does NOT stick to the wood (bounces off), 1 if you get to stick in the wood, 2 if you slit the card (the 'bull' of the target) somewhere, 3 if you cut the card in half ... of course this is all getting the 'hawk stuck in the wood ... and I think that's about it! My score on the regular match was 6: first 4 were 1s, last one was 2!

Anyhoo, I'd love to write more ... but it's late, and I'm tired. *YAWN!*

Thanks again for reading me and thanks AGAIN a lot for 50 now 53 NOW 52 subscribers!
~ JBJblaze


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