BlazieLog #30

Oh my gosh! Yes! #BlazieLogs are BACK! (And should I keep using that hashtag? I wonder ...)

So ... anything I've left out other than my upcoming Osmium Craft S3 (Season 3) and Unturned (title to be announced) series, possible more parodies and/or machinimas I may be involved in, the small episode of Vic's Basement tonight (and the 'BONUS!' audio episode I'm listening to on Stitcher as I type), and, again, this busy weekend upcoming for an annual provincial muzzleloading shoot?
OR, did I just mention all or most of that crap in this new blog post?
OOOH! Maybe I'll even write a new blog for BLAZONNATION about the Minecraft EULA-agreement deadline ... which is, in my time zone, today?

Heh heh heh ... I'll try to figure something out!

Anyway thanks again for reading my crap and blog at cha'll later!

Safest regards,
~ JBJblaze


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