Happy 1st Of Meh-Day!

Hello there again, everybody.

I will admit, the start of May today has been pretty good! Doing the best I can in my classes, got to check out my school's Me To We Club's Kiss The Goat event, and my Communications Tech teacher had apparently finally gotten the SD card back—it was accidental—so everybody was relieved! Or, the more detailed version: one of the really good students in our class found the SD card in one of the cameras he'd been using.

Eventually, though, today went 'meh'. I saw something which might just prove a theory wrong ... and well, yeah ... I honestly don't want to get really descriptive at all about it, as to protect people's privacy. Then there's tonight ... which I fear what I saw today might be linked to tonight's event, in a way. Among thinking about other things, I've gradually lost interest in tonight's Semi-Formal.

I mean, today's not been totally bad. Actually, it's been mostly bright-sided. Again, school, then I watched two back-to-back episodes of EP Daily and then Vic's Basement like I do on Friday afternoons ... but I don't really feel excited anymore about tonight's gig. I was excited, and, heck, I might just as well be better off to remain excited in case my pessimism has just wasted my time and sanity today. I really do hope it has. Of course, I'm not sure if optimism would pay off. It didn't at the certain point of time at school today. Might just prove that I've been wasting my time somehow. Or maybe not.

Like Monday through Wednesday, I really just hadn't felt in the right mood and that's because it had taken me so long to get over Friday's crap. Then yesterday, something really good happened ... I had an epiphany of sudden optimism that tonight will be the one I've been waiting about four years for. Lastly, today, I find myself possibly proven wrong.

Here's another issue: being judgmental. I keep questioning whether I really heard what I'd thought I heard and then now whether what I saw was really what I thought I saw. The better or more fitting term might be 'assuming' ... which I know is a dangerous thing and an annoying human habit ...

Hopefully, my pessimism today and these previous days has been in the wrong, and my optimism is what triumphs. I guess I'll find that out tonight.

Goodnight and good weekend! I shall likely update to you all on how interesting tonight went!

Thanks again, as always, and very, very much for reading me out!
~ JBJblaze


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