Catch up now while ya still can on BlazieLogs!

What the devil is the big screen above this text you ask?

It's my latest and newest series on my YouTube channel!

So far, I've been doing mostly of my blogging via video format as opposed to the textual. That's also been how I get my point through with BLAZONNATION, is via my podcast based on its blog.

But what are BlazieLogs?

Fun question! These are my Minecraft vlogs (video blogs), or Mvlogs (muh-vlogs)... Minevlogs?
Anyhow, every other day (tomorrow is a BlazieLog day (for #10), and then Wednesday (2 days after) is the next one) I record around 10 minutes in a Hardcore-mode Minecraft world, surviving in new land, and talking about what's happened with me lately, all in one!

It's also a spin-off from my Hardcore Ten Minutes Of Minecraft series, which I ended before the first BlazieLog—definitely a smoother note than my other series!

Tomorrow, I am actually planning on (hopefully) recording BlazieLog #10 live on my Twitch.TV channel ( Although as I think about more, I'm becoming less certain I will be able to with my technology (Twitch would likely feed more crappy FLV files, and running Dxtory at the same time as something else would probably lag me badly... after all I do enough of that having Minecraft at a widescreen resolution—my monitor is fullscreen CRT).

Anyway, I will post any updates on the matter on my Twitter feed, @JBJblaze.

But, for the rest o' night, I got homework and possibly an episode of Breaking Bad Season 2 to attend to!
Goodnight and thanks so much for taking time outta your day to read my babble!

Safest regards,
~ JBJblaze
P.S. I'm also thinking of trying to air #14 of my BLAZONNATION Podcast this week, probably on Friday! Lemme know what cha think on here or Twitter... preferably Twitter (and follow that blog and podcast @BLAZONNATION!)!


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