BlazieLog #11 and #12! AND MORE!

Hello there! ...

Ope! Better talk down here!

So, I've lately started up a whole new season of BlazieLog, and with a new feature to the series: an AMPLIFIED world! The definition of THAT can be found at, since I don't really feel like explaining that shtuff myself!

Anyhow, for BlazieLog #11, you may notice something odd, that changes in #12...
If YOU (yes, you the reader!) can weed out what it is... and comment on the 'Log, this very post, or tweet me @JBJblaze! The winner will get to guest star in the next BlazieLog!

LASTLY... time to embed this great campaign thing against the US gov't and the TPP screwing over the American's internet rights (I am Canadian, but I do get sick of a certain president's lack of Constitution, when it's my problem or not...)! (Hopefully you can see it somewhere on this page!)

Well, thanks for reading this if anyone has or whatever, and see y'all Shafties tonight! :D
Safest regards,
~ JBJblaze


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