Lonely Week Plus The End ...

Hello there everybody!

How's school been for you all? Bad, terrible, good, excellent? Well, I'll leave that one up to you! As for me, it's been pretty good. Got 3 courses this semester (including a double-credit one which is co-operative education—co-op for short) which I have a very sufficient amount of interest in!

On my YouTube channel, one may notice that I have not released a new video since BlazieLog #36 ... Here's my worthy excuse: I just started my new co-op placement at a local TV channel company (by local, I mean they showcase events and activities around our city) which is also part of this one ISP I've tweeted at before. Not sure if I'm allowed to name them or not ... So to keep on the safe side ... I won't (until further notice, anyway!). But yeah, I started there on Monday ... Then, on Thursday, after coming home from school (there was supposed to be debate team meeting after I was done at co-op, I suddenly somehow ended up with what I thought were just allergies—and that seems to be how it all starts from the first time on. Sometime the next day (Friday) ... frick ... next thing I knew ... well, it's worse than just allergies ... And so, with having a crappy voice on Friday night, as well as a tight schedule on Saturday (yesterday), I was unable to release BlazieLog #37 and BlazeKcorps: Where To Turn? #6! Fortunately, today, I have felt so much better, or at least when I'd have a dose of this Hot Lemon Relief stuff (tastes great till you meet the bottom of your cup), although I still have some crap with my throat.

My plans for tomorrow? School, co-op, any homework, record, edit, and release BlazieLog #37, edit and release Where To Turn? ... and enjoy the rest of my Monday (oh yeah, cannot forget about checking out the show notes from The Shaft #200 (unfortunately, you will not hear any contribution I sent in, but oh well) and watch the next Minecraft Monday Show!)! (As a side note, I'm really hoping I can get something figured out to get my valid AdSense account now that I am 18 ... or something ...)

To conclude, I hope you all had a great week and weekend ... and be safe!

Thanks, as always, for reading me out!
~ JBJblaze


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