Before I Record #BlazieLog #27 ...

Hello very dear reader!

Remember back when I started my #BlazieLog series? Do ya? Or are you a later-comer? Oh well if you are!

Anyway, I did state that I'd make a blog post here after publishing each one ... which hasn't really seemed to have worked out for me. Heck, not even just here! With my podcasting, it's been hard to pick the right topic for my opinionated blog BLAZONNATION
But back to this one ... I've grown a bad habit of recording my #BlazieLogs either later in the afternoon or during the evening. Once of the latest ones was even just published before midnight (that way it's still recognized as the 16th of July)! And then I'd either forget, or it'd be too late that day to write up a blog about extra stuff. Or should I even just post the video and hope for questions regarding missing details, or something?

If somebody could be so awesome as to maybe remind me this Friday to not record its 'Log so freaking late and maybe even write up the blog post after publishing as well ... I'd thank you greatly—no really! Having that kind of support for what I do, and everything, it really does mean great to me!

Anyway, got tonight's to do and dishes after!

Thanks for reading and your kind support!
~ JBJblaze


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