Welcome to a new world of JBJblaze!

Hello everybody, and welcome to my new world, where flippin' awesome things like gaming, wizardry, and, not to mention, blogging meet!

You will also be able to see me on the net as JBJblaze on LIVE, on Minecraft, on IGN.com, on Game Center, on Steam, on YouTube, Nateslayer18 or ('cause some jerk stole my identity) JBJblazer on RuneScape, Nathaniel WillowWalker on Wizard101, SgtGXXII on StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, SgtGXI on Battlefield Play4Free and Dead Frontier Online, BlazerNate or HumanoidusD on MapleStory, Daniel Roderic on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: The Quest (and also the #1 Harry Potter fan! :P), all other accounts of mine would be to kiddy for this audience :(!


P.S. Register at http://w-craft.webs.com!


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